Wednesday, April 10, 2013

5 House plants that act as air purifiers and fabulous decorations

Often in our houses there are various toxins present that can make us feel sick regularly.Toxins like benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde could lead to serious health problems like asthma, cancer and various allergies.But again,the earth laughs in flowers.and here are some house plants and flowers that are often used for interior decorating but are also excellent air purifiers.

1.Golden Pothos - also known as devil's ivy.I don't know what the Swahili name for this plant is but i am sure most of you have seen it because it is popular not only in the interiors but in outside gardens also.This has evergreen leaves and progressive stems.Its very effective in removing pollutants in the house.Take care while using this plant at home as it can be toxic to pets and even to kids.

2.Aloe vera :- This plant is very popular in skin care products.Aloe vera is great in filtering gases and hence purifies the air.

3.Snake plant :- another  very common plant which  is perfect for the interiors because it can tolerate low lighting and less water.Its proven by NASA that this plant can absorb various chemicals in the air.

4. Marginata :- The beauty of this plant,wow!You cant ignore the glossy thin leaves with red edges.Marginata filters toxins from the air.Take care while using this because it can be toxic to dogs.So for those with dog pets,probably not such a good idea.

5.Spider plant :- beautiful houseplant with long grassy leaves and it grows very fast.This plant removes poisonous gases like carbon monoxide and should be kept in the kitchen or near the fireplace, as these are the places where carbon monoxide accumulates a lot.

 Go ahead,use these beautiful plants for decoration and improve the air quality in your home with these air filters.


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